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Our mission is to facilitate the promotion, discovery and placement of talent in the film & TV industry. We represent actors/models from all over the world and dedicate ourselves to finding best jobs for our artists in the biggest markets in this industry. Don’t hesitate to give yourself the best chance for a promising actor/model career. Get in touch with DHILLON CREATIONS and our team will guide your way to fame.

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Every girl or boy who wish to become a famous actor/model and thinks that she/he has the entire characteristic needed for actor or model, can send her/his information using our free membership. Depending on your data we will prepare advices such us : how to make first steps, what acting/modeling school to choose, what to expect during casting and etc.

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Send us your information mentioned below. After receiving your details our team will decide if you will be admitted or not. After a positive decision we will inform you by phone or email. Putting portfolio on DHILLON CREATIONS is totally free. Send your portfolio along with your details at Download and mail this file along with complete details to Download File.

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